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Vintage Auto Repair
Vintage Parts

Rare Automobile Repair

Our vintage auto repair experts at High Desert Auto Care have nearly 30 years experience working on vehicles from the 20’s to the 70’s.  We have a designated team that calls around the country to find you the right auto parts

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Muscle Car Repair

Muscle Automobile Repair

Our team at High Desert Automotive have been fixing muscle cars for several decades.  We not only have rare, hard to find automobile parts, but our rates are very affordable.  We are one of the top cheap auto repair shops in the High Desert

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Modern Car Repair

Modern Automobile Repair

Is your modern vehicle having mechanical problems?  Work with the High Desert auto repair company that has fixed thousands of modern vehicles.  We have some of the fastest turnaround times for vintage auto repair in the high desert

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There is no other auto shop in the High Desert that provides faster turnaround times for your automobile.  Just come in and see for yourself!

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Our team has purchased expensive equipment that diagnoses your problem within seconds.  If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you a single penny!

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Our auto repair team is happy to help you every day of the week.  We are clean, have smiles on our faces and provide industry low rates!

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Do you want to increase the performance of your vehicle?  Are you going for fuel efficiency, speed or overall smoothness?  Call today!

Oil Changes Hesperia

What Makes High Desert Auto Care Different?

Sooner or later, every car or truck owner will encounter some sort of problem with their vehicle. Car troubles can be difficult, that’s why it is vital to have a relationship with an auto service shop that you know you can trust. At High Desert Auto, we’ve built a reputation in Hesperia over the years for being reliable, professional, and honest. Our staff of skilled professionals can handle any car repair service, large or small. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with fast, reliable automotive repair services at prices that won’t break your budget.

We realize that you have many shops to choose from when you need a service or repair done on your vehicle. That’s why we always go above and beyond for our all of customers. We always take the time to properly identify the cause of your car troubles and give you an honest breakdown of the repairs you need.

Our Services

Many auto shops can only perform a handful of services on your vehicle. However, we offer a comprehensive list of car services at our shop for all vehicle makes and models. Our staff of trained auto mechanics has many years of combined experience in the auto repair and service industry. Some of our services include:

Brake Repair Hesperia

If you’ve noticed a low humming noise coming from your car, or if you experience any shaking when you come to a stop, you need to have your brakes inspected immediately. Brake repairs are one of those things that can become increasingly more expensive the longer you put them off. That’s why it’s best to get scheduled brake inspections performed on your vehicle even if you aren’t currently expecting any issues. When you visit High Desert Auto for a brake inspection, we will check your brake pads and rotors and let you know if they need replacement. Driving with brake pads and rotors that are too far worn can be dangerous, as your capability to stop when you need to decreases the longer you wait to replace them. Don’t put yourself and your riders at risk, contact us for a brake inspection and put your mind at ease.

Oil Changes Hesperia

Getting regular oil changes is vital to the health of your vehicle. After a while, the oil in your car can become contaminated with debris like dust and dirt. The oil in your car is essential for lubricating all of the moving parts that make up your engine. However, if this oil is too polluted, it’s not able to do its job properly. If you go too long without changing the oil in your car the result can an overheating engine, or worse, complete engine failure. The good news is that an oil change is a fast and affordable service that High Desert Auto can provide anytime during our normal service hours. If you’re due for an oil change, or if you’re not sure when the last time you changed your oil ways, contact us to schedule your appointment now.

Transmission Repair Hesperia

Your transmission system is a complicated part of your vehicle. You don’t want to trust a transmission repair to just any mechanic. At High Desert Auto, we have the experience necessary to carry out a number of different transmission repairs and services.

If you’ve observed a humming sound coming from your engine, that could point to trouble with your transmission. When you take your car to our shop, our technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic to get to the origin of your transmission issues. After identifying the problem, we will provide you a detailed report of what your repairs will entail.

A transmission repair can call for a number of different services such as a transmission flush, where we clean out the sludge that builds up in your transmission system, or a transmission fluid change. Once your service is complete, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at how well your car is running. Many customers put up with an under performing engine for so long that they forget how well their vehicle once ran.

Transmission Replacement Hesperia

In many cases, if we are able to diagnose and repair a transmission issue in a prompt manner, it will help to keep the costs of your repairs down substantially. However, there are some instances when a transmission will require a full replacement. A transmission replacement is typically a costlier service, however, rest assured that at High Desert Auto Care, we’re committed to providing you quality repairs at the best prices possible. We believe that by providing you with fair and honest pricing, combined with excellent service, you will continue to come to us for your care service needs for many years to come.

A transmission replacement is a complicated service. It requires the help of an automotive service professional that is well versed in the process. When your transmission issues have piled up to the point that a replacement makes the most sense, trust that we will make sure that your transmission is expertly installed correctly the first time. Investing in a new transmission can give you peace of mind, especially if you’ve been experiencing ongoing issues with your system. If you’re experiencing any type of humming or clunking noises in your vehicle that might point to transmission problems, contact us to a diagnostic service right away.

Auto Air Conditioning Hesperia

Most vehicle owner’s manuals recommend having your car’s air conditioning system inspected at certain mileage milestones. Even so, most of our customers don’t think to have their car’s air conditioner checked until they’ve noticed a problem. If it’s been a while since you last had yours checked, it might be a good time to bring your vehicle in for a performance check.

There’s a number of things our technicians look at during an air conditioner inspection. First, we will check for any refrigerant leaks that could be causing performance issues. Next, we’ll check all the other vital parts of the system including the blower fan, compressor, belts, and hoses. If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, we will diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary fix. In many cases, it can be as simple as adding refrigerant to your system while in other cases faulty wiring may be to blame.

Shocks and Struts Hesperia

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are elements of the suspension system. The suspension system is tasked with keeping your car balanced on the road. If you’ve noticed unwanted bouncing while you’re driving or a decrease in steering wheel response, it could point to problems with your shocks and struts. When your shocks and struts become blown, it can make for a very dangerous situation on the road. That is because you don’t have as much control over your vehicle which means your ability to respond to a sudden stop in traffic or other hazards in diminished.
In addition, ignoring issues with your shocks and struts could lead to problems with other parts of your vehicle, including your wheels and tires. If you are experiencing a shaking or bouncing when you drive, it is important that you have your shocks and struts inspected by a professional auto service technician right away. We can help diagnose and repair any issues with your shocks and struts so you can enjoy a smooth ride again.

Tire Care Hesperia

Tires can be a pricey investment, but you know how vital they are to your vehicle. Protect your investment by caring for your tires properly. Aside from maintaining proper air pressure, there are a couple of maintenance tasks that need to be done to your tires on a regular basis. Having your tires rotated and balanced, as well as having your alignment check, can help extend the life of your tires.

Tire rotations help ensure that your tires are able to wear evenly so that one tire does not wear out faster than another. Balances and alignments will not only help you experience a smoother ride on the road, but these services will also help your tires wear evenly and last longer. Routine services on your tires can be done in a matter of hours. While they are relatively inexpensive services, they can save you money on tire and fuel costs down the road.

There for You Through the Life of Your Car in Hesperia

Very often customers don’t call on their trusted mechanic until they run into a serious problem. However, many pricey automotive services can be avoided completely with routine maintenance. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for advice on which services you should be having done on your car at particular mileage landmarks. If you’re unsure what services you need, talk to one of our helpful staff members for some recommendations.

If you are experiencing any kind of performance issue with your car, don’t hesitate to visit our auto shop for an inspection. Remember, diagnosing and fixing car problems early can save you from future headaches and costly repairs. At High Desert Auto, we are committed to providing you with top-rated services at an affordable price. Visit us today and learn why our customers continue to trust us with their auto care needs year after year.



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