Why tens of thousands continue to work with us...


With more than 40 five star reviews in the last year, High Desert Auto Care is the place to go when you are having auto problems.  We have a long 22 year history in fixing even the most difficult problems.  One of the many reasons why our customers continue to visit us, is because we have the most advanced diagnostic tools on the market. This means that your vehicle can get repaired in a shorter time with a smaller bill. Our auto mechanics are always upfront and honest.

We work on vintage vehicles, and rare autos dating back to the 1920’s and have the necessary resources to locate hard-to-find parts throughout the world.  Whether you are looking for a vintage auto mechanic, muscle car mechanic or someone to work on your modern vehicle, High Desert Auto Care is the place for you.  So just give us a call, or stop by and get your vehicle repaired back to its original condition today!



  • We have over 22 years of experience
  • Multiple five star reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Affordable auto repair services at your fingertips
  • Locally centered in Apple Valley California
  • Available on both weekdays and weekends!
  • Upfront pricing with no surprises at the end
  • Access to hard-to-find vintage auto parts
napa certified auto center

NAPA Certified Auto Center

uhaul authorized dealer

U-Haul Authorized Dealer

A Layout Of Our Detailed Services

Oil Changes

Your engines oil is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  We are one of the cheapest auto mechanics in the High Desert, and can change your oil for a fraction of other auto repair companies.

Belt Replacements

Are your engine belts ready for replacement?  You don’t want to get stranded while on the freeway, so let us inspect them every few years.  Our team purchases these auto belts in bulk, so that we can pass the savings on to you!

Clutch Repairs

Replacing your clutch doesn’t have to be expensive. Many times, your transmission doesn’t have to be fully taken apart to repair your stick shift clutch.  So come in or give us a call and well provide you with industry low quotes!

Shocks and Struts

Are you experiencing a bumpy ride?  It may be time to replace your shocks and struts.  If they wear down too much, it can affect may other aspects of your vehicle.  Our auto repair mechanics will give you a free estimate today.


We all know that tires are expensive.  This is one reason you need to make sure your suspension is absorbing the energy of a bumpy road.  For more information, visit our shop or pick up the phone and call today!

Tune Ups

Get your vehicle tuned up at High Desert Auto Care today!  We will replace the fuel filers, spark plugs and other import parts to increase your vehicles life expectancy and fuel consumption.

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